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Custom designed iaito

Your custom designed iaito will be be made to your specifications in Japan by highly skilled and experienced craftsmen. Delivery is usually made in around 4 to 6 months.

Why so long? Because individual components may need to be fitted into a crowded manufacturing schedule, then they all need to be available together for final finishing and assembly.

Made in Gifu Prefecture of Japan by experienced craftsmen and women. Historically, Gifu prefecture served as the center of swordmaking in all of Japan.

You can select:

  • Blade length up to 2.8 syaku: Size help:
  • 5 blade weight ranges, up to 2.8 syaku - 1080 g; up to 2.5 syaku -1000 gm and 830 gm; up to 2.45 syaku - 780 gm. (Blades longer than 2.5 syaku are only available in 1080 gm. weight and may take longer to make:
  • Bo or kakaganishi hi (groove) styles: (Bo hi only for blades over 2.5 syaku in length):
  • Hamon (mock temper) pattern from 8 choices. (Hamon 2 only for blades above 2.5 syaku in length):
  • Tsuka (handle) length, or the craftsmans choice to suit the blade length, thickness and weight:
  • Tsuka (handle) with black or white samè (ray skin):
  • Tsuka (handle) binding in cotton, leather or silk and a choice of colours:
  • Tsuba (hand guard), from the selection below:
  • Saya (scabbard), from the selection below or choose gloss black finish:
  • Fuchi and kashira, from the selection below, or allow craftsmans choice to suit the theme of the tsuba and sword:
  • Menuki from the selection below, or allow craftsmans choice to suit the theme of the tsuba, fuchi, kashira and sword:
  • Habaki from the selection below, or allow craftsmans choice to suit the theme of the tsuba, fuchi, kashira, menuki and sword:
  • Sageo in cotton or silk, with choice of lengths and colours, or allow craftsmans choice to complement the sword and tsuka binding colour.

Tip! Copy and paste the options list at the foot of this page into your quote request e-mail, then edit or specify your choices.

1. Blade

Polish and hamon (mock temper) patterns.


3. Tsuba (handguard)

Select a tsuba from 1 - 12.


2. Saya (scabbard)

Note: Saya models prefixed 002 and 003 include a metal gussett in the kurigata.

4. Tsuka (handle) length, binding and wrap

Tsuka binding of cotton, silk or leather is over genuine white (shown) or black same (ray skin).

Cotton tsuka binding

Silk tsuka binding

Leather tsuka binding

5. Fuchi, kashira and kojiri

Select fuchi and kashira. Note that kojiri suits swords with higo style fittings, please specify seperately if required.

6. Menuki

Menuki are inserted between the same and the binding of the tsuka.

7. Habaki

Select habaki with matching seppa.

8. Sageo

Cotton or silk sageo are available in the colours shown in two lengths - 180cm suits swords up to approximately 2.3 shaku and 210cm for longer swords.

Copy and paste the options list into your quote request e-mail, then edit or specify your choices.


  • Blade length: insert number syaku.
  • Blade weight range: gm.
  • Hi (groove) style: Bo hi.
  • Hamon pattern: # .
  • Tsuka (handle) length: Craftsmans choice to suit sword. If unsure, we can help you, at the time the order is confirmed.
  • Tsuka (handle), samè (ray skin); black or white.
  • Tsuka (handle) binding: Cotton / Leather / Silk. insert colour:
  • Tsuba (hand guard): # .
  • Saya (scabbard): Gloss black.
  • Fuchi and kashira: # .
  • Menuki: # .
  • Habaki: # .
  • Sageo: Craftsmans choice.

Place your order, or request a quote by e-mail to the address below. Please detail your selected custom sword components. Hasuji will respond, then send you a quote to consider.

All the iaito (iaido practice swords) and mogito (practice swords) that are offered on this site are suitable for the practice of iaido. They are made from cast aluminium-zinc alloys, have a blunt edge, cannot be sharpened and are not suitable for any type of contact or cutting practice.

Iaito and mogito should always be handled carefully and used in a supervised training environment, with due care for the safety of all. Iaito and mogito should always be checked for safety prior to use, in particular the mekugi, or the handle retention pin.

Hasuji can not be held responsible for any damage or injury arising from the misuse of the products that we offer.

Iaito and mogito may be restricted, controlled or prohibited by law or regulation in your area. Please check with your local authorities if you have any concern.

DELIVERY INCLUDED!. We ship iaito and mogito swords worldwide to over 120 countries by EMS international courier service.

Click for EMS Track and Trace service

Our iaito and mogitoh prices include delivery to Europe and the UK, USA, Canada, Asia, Australia and Oceania.

NEW! Swords for Kendo Kata

Blunt edged, thick blade, with quality iaito construction, finish and fittings!

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