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Clothing for kendo

Gi (training jacket) for iaido practice

Most suited for iaido practice. Easy to care for, colour fast and non shrink, Tetron material (polyester and rayon blend). Note that our prices include a matching 100% cotton undershirt, for your comfort!


Tetron iaido gi

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Black. Classic style.

Matches our HT-63 Deluxe Black deluxe Tetron Hakama.

White and other sizes are available by special order.



Includes undershirt!  
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DELIVERY INCLUDED!. We ship iaito and mogito swords worldwide to over 120 countries by EMS international courier service.

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Our iaito and mogitoh prices include delivery to Europe and the UK, USA, Canada, Asia, Australia and Oceania.

NEW! Swords for Kendo Kata

Blunt edged, thick blade, with quality iaito construction, finish and fittings!

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